About Us


“As a small spark can ignite into a raging fire, so can one small act of kindness ignite into infinite acts of compassion” -DT

 Firefighters Random Acts is a 501(C)3 charity created by dedicated firefighters from the Albuquerque and Bernalillo County Fire Departments who truly believe that individuals can make a difference in our community. Our purpose is to perform random acts of good in the Albuquerque area. Often, as firefighters respond to calls for help, we observe situations where people need a helping hand or something that will improve their quality of life. We look for opportunities to compassionately meet the needs of people and make a difference through our random acts of kindness.

Who We Are

Every year the Albuquerque and Bernalillo County, and Rio Rancho Fire Departments respond to thousands of 911 calls. Many involve a death, the destruction of personal property, or other damage to the fabric of our society. We witness people who are suddenly faced with tests to the very limit of their bravery and endurance, sometimes heroically and sometimes tragically. Over the years we firefighters have found ourselves subjected to some physical and emotional distress in the course of our service, but we continue to respond in a professional way to support our side of society’s safety net. We have discovered that one of the greatest ways to combat these stresses is to give something extra back to the communities we serve via random acts of kindness.

Firefighters impact society in many ways, responding to the public’s calls for help during their most dire situations. We enter their homes to render care, put out fires, and attempt to restore order to their suddenly chaotic lives. Many times after the emergency is over, we must leave them to pick up the pieces and begin the recovery process on their own. Random Acts was organized as a means for the firefighters to aid in the process of rebuilding and pursue other charitable acts such as reading to children, helping families in need that we notice on calls, donating wheel chairs, bringing toys to hospitalized children, assisting the Make-a-Wish foundation make dreams come true and many, many more. Any firefighter can make a “random act” suggestion so we can support them in their own outreach initiatives and the passions that speak to them.

Random Acts was started in Oakland California by firefighters who knew they could change lives and improve society one day at a time. After visiting with their inspirational Directors, we were driven to duplicate their program in our community. With their help we started our organization and hit the ground running.  Our board has worked with the two departments we represent to approve many random acts in our area such as providing hygiene kits to the residents of a local homeless shelter, providing heaters for a small fledgling school, donating furniture to a recent cancer survivor getting back on his feet to name a few. Random Acts teamed up with the city of Albuquerque to go into a forgotten area of our city, and with the help of firefighters and many volunteers we cleaned up 130,000 lbs of trash in a single day. Firefighters have also worked through Random Acts to get a home donated to a fire victim and her family, fill it with furniture and clothing and give her a new start.

Our random acts of kindness are made possible by generous individuals and companies that see the amazing potential of empowering firefighters to reach out into society and lift people up.  Together we can create seeds of change in peoples lives and bring smiles to children’s faces. With your support our organization can continue this mission that is a clear win for all involved.


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