Our favorite random acts are those we do with children.  Our firefighters love to try and earn the right to be called heroes in their eyes and Random Acts figured out long ago that the children will save us long before we can save them.

  • Ceasar


    In December 2007, Random Acts was contacted about a young boy named Ceasar who was in a long battle with cancer... Random Acts came to the hospital and surprised Cesar with all of his favorite gifts!

  • Megan's Random Act

    Megan’s Random Act

    Random Acts and the Albuquerque Fire Department presented 11 year old Megan Sanchez with a few gifts on Wednesday, February 5th while she recovers from a motorcycle crash at which she lost her father.

  • Isacc's Random Act

    Isacc’s Random Act

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  • Bernalillo Academy Christmas

    Bernalillo Academy Christmas

    Random Acts surprised all the kids at Bernalillo Academy with specific gifts for the children... gifts that would delight the children, inspire them, unlock parts of their personality, and bring them great joy.

  • Books and Balls Alameda Elementary

    Books and Balls Alameda Elementary

    Random Acts went to Alameda elementary and provided books to the school library, gave every third grader their own dictionary, and then filled the cab with sports balls.

  • Books and Balls @ Pajarito Elementary

    Books and Balls @ Pajarito Elementary

    In December '08 Random Acts did another Books and Balls in honor of late firefighter Ernie Carrasco.

  • Julio's Random Act

    Julio’s Random Act

    Random Acts and AFD made Julio, who was battling cancer, an Honorary Firefighter and bestowed on him the firefighters challenge coin. He was a special young man and we are better for having known him.

  • Cindy H's Random Act

    Cindy H’s Random Act

    A firefighters daughter nominated one of her class mates for a random act. She was very sick in the hospital and and Engine, a Rescue, and a ton of firefighters went to visit her... bringing along get well wishes and gifts.

  • Kassandra Random Act

    Kassandra Random Act

    Kassandra Random Act

  • Make-a-wish build

    Make-a-wish build

    Early on in our history the Make-a-wish foundation contacted us to see if we would help them with a project. There was a little boy with a terminal illness who was granted any wish he wanted. His choice was to build a playground in his back yard that he and his little brother could enjoy while he was here and create solid memories for him for the future.

  • Our Buddy Sean

    Our Buddy Sean

    Our buddy Sean is so special to us. Sean loves firefighters and will ONLY wear firefighter the shirts. Every year for his birthday we swing by his house with a new supply of shirts and let him check out all the trucks.

  • Matthew P Random Act

    Matthew P Random Act

    AFD Firefighter Gabe Healey wanted to perform a random acts of kindness for Matthew, a 5 year old who has a rare form of cancer

  • Daniel's Random Act

    Daniel’s Random Act

    Random Acts along with AFD E3 were able to take some clothes, shoes, and some games to a brave 8 year old boy who was in a roll over accident in which he lost his mother. We were humbled by his bravery and ask that everyone keep him in your prayers.

  • La Mesa Christmas 2013

    La Mesa Christmas 2013

    Random Acts was asked to help the kids in La Mesa's Head start program with toys for Christmas. L5 and R5 acted as Santa's elves and every child got a present and a new pair of shoes from Payless Shoes.

  • Jacob's Bike

    Jacob’s Bike

    6year old Jacob was hit by a car last month and suffered severe injuries. The crews of AFD Engine 1 and Rescue 1 wanted to surprise Jacob with a new bike, helmet, and wheel reflectors so that when he was recovered nothing would stop him from ridding again

  • BCFD 34s helps south valley family

    BCFD 34s helps south valley family

    Random Acts was called by BCFD 34 for a family that was really in dire need, if anyone ever needed some kindness it was this family. E34 responded out to the mesa on a trailer fire and found a fully involved trailer, complete loss.

  • Alicia's Random Act

    Alicia’s Random Act

    Alicia was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was one year old and now she is twelve. She is about to undergo a surgery to try and correct her epilepsy and before she does Random Acts was honored to give her some gifts and show her we considered her a hero

  • Rachel's Courtyard

    Rachel’s Courtyard

    Random Acts partnered with Rachel's Courtyard.. the play ground for children at Presbyterian Hospital, to host a 4th of July party for the children too sick to leave the hospital for the holiday. It was a great event ...partnering the firefighters with the children and playing games, throwing water balloons, and eating too much food!!

  • Sirens For Homeless Project

    Sirens For Homeless Project

    Random Acts partnered with AFD, APD, AAS, BCSO, and BCFD to collect food for the 5000+ homeless children that attend APS here in Albuquerque

  • Jackson's help homeless family

    Jackson’s help homeless family

    A few days ago AFD Firefighter Brian Jackson and his family were out grabbing lunch when they noticed a homeless man with four children. They stopped and bought the family lunch but wanted to do more.

  • Mtn. Run fire victims

    Mtn. Run fire victims

    Last week a fire at the Mountain Run Apartment complex devastated the lives of eight families that lost everything. One of those family really captured the hearts of the firefighters who responded to the fire because one of the items lost in the fire was this family's son's prosthetic leg.

  • Chanel's Heart Surgery

    Chanel’s Heart Surgery

    Random Acts is trying to help a young girl raise money to combat the mounting medical expenses for open heart surgery

  • AFD 21s Cibola Student

    AFD 21s Cibola Student

    One of the crews at AFDs Station 21 contacted Random Acts about a student at an area high school that they encountered. The student was in need of some school supplies, shoes, and clothing for the upcoming school year.

  • Station 31 BMX helmet project

    Station 31 BMX helmet project

    FF B. Harris contacted Random Acts because he saw lots of kids riding bikes at the BMX park next door to BCFD Station 31 without helmets.

  • BCFD 41s new car seats

    BCFD 41s new car seats

    once your car seats have been involved in an accident you have to get rid of them and replace them. See how Random Acts helped the crews at BCFD 41s help a family after a wreck.

  • YDI 2015

    YDI 2015

    A lot of Albuquerque families are hurting and living paycheck to paycheck meaning that sometimes Christmas presents for the kids just isn't in the budget. Firefighters Random Acts was able to stand in the gap and help some of these Albuquerque kids today. Firefighters identified 32 children at in Albuquerque area YDI program who would not have gotten presents without the firefighters assistance.

  • Wrap-a-paloza 2015

    Wrap-a-paloza 2015

    Today a phenomenal group of volunteers came together at BCFD station 33 to wrap all the gifts for the nearly 300 children we are giving gifts to this year.

  • Thanksgiving meals 2015

    Thanksgiving meals 2015

    We at Random Acts can hardly believe the number of volunteers we had come out to help us today. We had identified 156 families in need of Thanksgiving meals

  • 2016 Christmas Party

    2016 Christmas Party

    This year Random Acts had the pleasure of helping 350 children in the Albuquerque area receive Christmas presents who might not have otherwise. We are so blessed to be able to host this event every year.

  • Anne's Random Act

    Anne’s Random Act

    A BCFD FFs wife, Anne contacted us about an amazing family in need. Their circumstances left them with no furniture, beds, or basic household goods. Random Acts was able to get them furniture, Beds for Kids gave them all new beds (thanks Steve), and we got them groceries and some school clothes for the kids