Chanel's Heart Surgery

Chanel’s Heart Surgery

Chanel Ashton Fulton was born on January 6th 2010. Four days after she went into shock and was taken to Lovelace hospital on Ellison where she was then transferred to Lovelace women’s hospital. Dr. William Burman pediatric cardiologist discovered that she only had half of her heart and that the left side of her did form. We were then life flighted to the children’s hospital in Aurora CO. 12 days later Chanel underwent her first of 3 open heart surgeries called the Norwood. Her recovery went well until she got RSV so we lived in the hospital for two months, she was then released to the Ronald McDonald house for two weeks then home. When she was 4 months old she became jaundice do to a cyst on her bile duct so we where life flighted to the children’s hospital again to have the cyst removed, thos was a two week stay. In June 2010 Chanel had her second open heart surgery called the Glen (6months old). She stayed a month and then was released to go home. Since then Chanel has had about 8 heart caths and 2 knee injections do to JRA. She is having a heart cath on July 28th 2014 and her last of the three stage open heart surgeries called the Fontan with hopes it will be her last. ¬†Random Acts is trying to help them raise money to combat the mounting medical expenses …. click the link below to donate directly to them.

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