• Smoke Detector Project

    Smoke Detector Project

    Firefighters Random Acts partnered with the American Red Cross to provide people with free smoke detectors. On August 8th a woman died in SW Albuq, in part because there was no smoke detectors in her home.

  • Thanksgiving 2013

    Thanksgiving 2013

    Firefighters were asked to identify people in their districts who could use a fully cooked Thanksgiving dinner. 52 families were nominated and all of them received a meal this morning. Thanks to Afd station 5 that allowed us to distribute them out of their station and to all our amazing volunteers that came out to help.

  • 2016 Christmas Party

    2016 Christmas Party

    This year Random Acts had the pleasure of helping 350 children in the Albuquerque area receive Christmas presents who might not have otherwise. We are so blessed to be able to host this event every year.

  • 2013 wrapping party

    2013 wrapping party

    Can't even express what a huge success today was. We had tons of volunteers, all eager and excited to get all the gifts wrapped. We had everything done pretty quickly and you could really sense a feeling of joy in knowing nearly 200 kids were going to rip all this paper to shreds and enjoy these toys

  • Wrapping Party 2016

    Wrapping Party 2016

    It takes an army of wrapping elves to pull off wrapping presents for 350 kids in just a few hours. Huge thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers who came out to help, the crew at BCFD 33 for opening up your house to us, and everyone who made today possible!!!

  • Coral community Book and Balls for kids

    Coral community Book and Balls for kids

    We had such a great time donating nearly $700 dollars in books to Coral Community Charter school and having our buddy Tim Harris help out by talking to the kids about the importance of school and saying no to bullying

  • Fire Truck Donation to LA

    Fire Truck Donation to LA

    Random Acts was able to facilitate the donation of a 2001 fire truck to a small Dept in Louisiana that was devastated by flooding.

  • Shopping party 2013

    Shopping party 2013

    Random acts and tons of volunteers invaded Walmart every year to shop for nearly 200 under privileged children....thanks to E40, E12, and R12 and all our volunteers who helped us shop this year.