• R6 helps family with new stove

    R6 helps family with new stove

    R6 was able to help a family with a badly leaking stove and non-functioning refrigerator. Builders Source helped us out with material costs and even sent a tech to install the stove. The family was elated and can now sleep well at night without worrying about the gas and spoiled food. What a great random act!!!

  • Wrapping Party 2016

    Wrapping Party 2016

    It takes an army of wrapping elves to pull off wrapping presents for 350 kids in just a few hours. Huge thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers who came out to help, the crew at BCFD 33 for opening up your house to us, and everyone who made today possible!!!

  • AFD 8s Random Act

    AFD 8s Random Act

    Great job to station 8s crew who diligently worked to help a stranded family. We were able to get them some food, put gas in their car, an put them up in a hotel for a few days. The crews and family were deeply impacted and were able to get back on the road a few days later rested and with full bellies.

  • Rebecca's random act

    Rebecca’s random act

    Random Acts received a nomination to help a family down on their luck that needed a little help getting back on their feet. We were able to deliver beds, groceries, and a couch to the family and they were so grateful that grandpa began to cry thinking of how to thank us. We do these things to bless others but in turn we are blessed beyond measure ourselves.

  • Miller's RA

    Miller’s RA

    Mr Miller was with Detroit PD for 28 years and retired here in Albuquerque with his wife. Unfortunately, he has been diagnosed with cancer and much of the farm work has become difficult. We asked how we could help and they immediately mentioned their broken cart.

  • Anne's Random Act

    Anne’s Random Act

    A BCFD FFs wife, Anne contacted us about an amazing family in need. Their circumstances left them with no furniture, beds, or basic household goods. Random Acts was able to get them furniture, Beds for Kids gave them all new beds (thanks Steve), and we got them groceries and some school clothes for the kids

  • Jacob's Bike

    Jacob’s Bike

    6year old Jacob was hit by a car last month and suffered severe injuries. The crews of AFD Engine 1 and Rescue 1 wanted to surprise Jacob with a new bike, helmet, and wheel reflectors so that when he was recovered nothing would stop him from ridding again

  • BCFD 34s helps south valley family

    BCFD 34s helps south valley family

    Random Acts was called by BCFD 34 for a family that was really in dire need, if anyone ever needed some kindness it was this family. E34 responded out to the mesa on a trailer fire and found a fully involved trailer, complete loss.